MYInfluence stands for Monetize Your Influence and it’s our name because we believe that everyone should be able to discover products they love AND be rewarded with cash back for spreading the word about them

Our first-of-its-kind social commerce platform puts the power of advertising back in the hands of consumers (like you), because our model is built on the highly trusted power of word-of-mouth referrals. Not only is it great for our users, it also provides our partner brands with a built-in network of loyal customers and brand evangelists, driving sales at a much lower cost than with traditional media. It truly is a win-win.

Want more proof that we’re doing something special? Unlike other platforms, we give you immediate access to your commission, and because we sell everything at warehouse pricing, you know you’re always getting a great deal. Bonus: our partnerships with hotels, vineyards, airlines, and more mean that every time you buy something through MYInfluence, you’re automatically entered into raffles to win drool-worthy prizes. This is shopping and sharing made fun.


So you’re intrigued… But you want a breakdown of what MYInfluence can do for you — as a consumer or a partner brand. You’re in luck! We’ve broken it down for you below.



A centralized account with a single sign-on that makes everything from discovery to purchase seamless.

Cross-device integration and mobile-friendly functionality, making it easy to shop and share on-the-go.

A protected marketplace of high-quality, carefully curated products and brands.

A 100% money-back guarantee and buyer protection.

The ability to generate ongoing passive income which is immediately deposited into a personalized account that can be easily monitored and redeemed at any time.



A self-perpetuating fully integrated social commerce sales channel.

Ability to track product inventory levels

Platform capability to process and track an unlimited number of transactions for all products.

Zero co-op, promotional, warehouse, shipping or customer acquisition costs means higher margins for you.

Direct access to your customers in a socially integrated, feedback and recommendation-friendly setting.

Want to start selling on MYI Influence?