MYI Mall

MYI, or "Monetize Your Influence", transforms brick and mortar mall experiences into a "NexGen" online space and will provide the same excitement of discovery and brand variety through 10,000’s of virtual stores and activities. What's more, "mallgoers" that find great products receive discounts and are paid ongoing commissions by MYI to refer products they like in their social networks.

Customers register once and receive an ID to open the MYI Mall to all their shopping activities. MY Mall is being constructed to include online shopping, gaming, Movies, music, auctions and chats with vendors and other "MYI Mallers". Its ease of use is designed to attract and cultivate audiences of loyal customers who will become a large sales force for all MYI mall’s vendor brands

Join the force to create the most intriguing apps that stand out. Follow these simple steps:

  • Register on MYI
  • Once logged in you will see an application form
  • Apply with the form
  • We will review your application and get back to you shortly