Want to become a Vendor? Have the competitive advantage with MYInfluence

MYInfluence is a great platform to make your product appealing to the customer and promote it among a wider audience. In today’s over-saturated market, Word of Mouse marketing method is more powerful than ever.

At MYInfluence, we believe that everybody can become an influencer and we give our customers a platform to monetize their influence among their networks. While we incentivize them to maximally share their purchases and make recommendations about the products they like, you benefit from Word of Mouse marketing that costs you nothing.

All you need to do is provide a well-designed product and establish the price. MYInfluence will take care of the following:

  • Present your products in an appealing way
  • Provide a review system for your products
  • Incentivize the customers to share your products on social media
  • Reduce your marketing costs as a result

Want to become part of MYInfluence? Choose MYInfluence Mall to become your platform. Simply provide the products and the shipping. Let MYInfluence and the customers generate your revenues.

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